Drawing on the extensive experience of our management consultants globally, Aterria Consulting helps clients identify and deliver value with pace, certainty and strategic agility.


  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Global Delivery
  • International Development
  • Brand Development
  • Security and Hardening
  • Marketing
  • Presentations and Messaging


  • Cloud Services
  • Analytics
  • CRM and xRM
  • Networking
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Data Center Modernization and Hardening
  • Operations


Aterria provides a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations realize their objectives by navigating the technology realm and providing world class execution to meet your business requirements. We specialize in developing situations with ambiguity and risk to achieve unparalleled results.


  • IT Strategy
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application Modernization
  • Capability Dynamics
  • Software Development Lifecycle Optimization
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • System Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Score Card and Metrics
  • Cyber Security and Threats


  • Cloud Integration
  • System Design, Implementation, Deployment, and Management
  • Application Design, Implementation, Deployment, and Management
  • Mobility
  • Microsoft Technologies and Services
  • Big Data
  • Visualization
  • Virtualization
  • Next Generation Hardware
  • Security Devices and Training


Aterria enables high performance through outsourcing and insourcing management. Our experience and global capabilities make us a great strategic partner for taking ownership and accountability in part or whole of systems, applications, infrastructure, business processes, or business capabilities.


  • Take advantage of a diverse global workforce to enhance your business objectives
  • Aterria understands the culture, language, politics, and logistics of doing business abroad.
  • Solid foundations in China, Europe, India, Vietnam, Australia, and South Africa


  • North America and Asia insourcing capabilities
  • Reduce costs typically associated with geography, time, language, and cultural differences
  • Meet country specific requirements for security and localization
  • Support local economies by providing jobs, infrastructure, and opportunity for civic minded organizations